Sunday, May 01, 2005

Moti Roti

I had a creative lunch with the people behind Moti Roti, the other day.

Anyone interested in live performance and theatre of the not-3-act-play kind, should check them out. Actually, anyone interested in theatre or performance should.

Similarities between differences

Differences between similarites

Two of the themes, Ali of Moti Roti is exploring and something which resonated with me.


Blogger HL said...

Found you! didn't know you knew the motiroti guys. We worked with Keith Khan with GPA on Thurrock and also did work with him on the strategy for the Rich Mix Centre. What were you talking to them about?

H x

6/25/2005 4:10 pm  
Blogger Ben Yeoh said...

He was my mentor on a live arts scheme from LADA. And both him and Ali are lovely and great.

6/26/2005 12:19 am  

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